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A FORTNIGHT ago I wrote about the sensational VW Multivan and how it was ideal for a mobile boardroom when it wasn't being used for a people mover. Well VW also has the ultimate mini people mover tha... full article
Volkswagen Eos March 2007
A BIG tip when trying to impress your four-year-old daughter how cool driving a convertible is ... tie her hair back. The idea was just too cool when I came up with it on the way out of Super Amart o... full article
Volkswagen Golf September 2009
NOT too many blokes go around bragging about their fantastic new car that has a 1.4-litre engine. So it was a bold move by VW to drop its 1.6-litre and 2.0 petrol engines in favour of the smaller uni... full article
Volkswagen Golf GT August 2007
A "Compressor Supercharging Turbocharger" sounds like something made up for a Mad Max film, but it's the latest technology added to Volswagen's Golf GT. It's a supercharger for power at low revs, tur... full article
FEW Australian males would admit to their mates that the car they were driving only had a 1.4-litre engine. It would, of course, not be any great source of embarrassment in Europe where such things, ... full article
OOPS... the Volkswagen Golf GTI`s front tyres squealed at the first touch of its extremely sensitive accelerator. This was not the intention of this usually-cautious driver, I can assure you. Mos... full article
SHOEHORN a 3.2-litre V6 engine into a VW Golf, add some seriously big brakes and plenty of brushed aluminium and what do you get? The R32 - the most powerful Golf ever built. The R stands for racing... full article
Volkswagen Golf V November 2004
THE Golf club is a big one. For three decades this Volkswagen has been Europe's number one seller. More than 22 million have rolled off the production line with VW selling even more of them than i... full article
Volkswagen Jetta June 2010
THE car park at trendy James St Market in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley drips with big money. As you look for a rare space to slot your car, you pass the pride of BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Audi and Porsche... full article
Volkswagen Kombi Beach October 2006
"WOW that's a great Kombi, I've never seen one like that before," said the woman picking up the morning papers. A friendly chat ensued, and her parting words were "happy travels". What a retro thing ... full article
THE 2006 award for sheer brilliance goes to the Volkswagen Multivan. I simply love it. Modern consumerism means people want versatility in their purchase and this machine does exactly that. There`s ... full article
Volkswagen Passat September 2006
IN love with an Audi but can't just quite scrape the pennies together to convince the bank manager? Buy a Volkswagen. I've written before of VW basically being the budget Audi - almost every ounce o... full article
“THIS is the most stunning car I have ever seen, but what is it?’’ The question, from a complete stranger who ran over to see our latest test vehicle in a city carpark, was a valid one. Aside from t... full article
Volkswagen Polo April 2006
FINALLY a car that takes you back to the days when buying fuel didn`t break the bank. This was when all you needed to stay on the road until payday was a handful of coins from the ash-tray or found... full article
"HEY man, that`s a serious bus!`` Such is the enthusiastic response you attract when behind the wheel of a Volkswagen Multivan. This exclamation came from an attendant at a drive-through bottle s... full article
Volkswagen Tiguan September 2008
ALL of your instincts tell you not to do this. All the paperwork says it will work out fine. Others have tried it successfully during the vehicle’s launch so relax and have a go. What kind of man ar... full article
Volkswagen Touareg January 2007
500Nm of torque in a four-wheel-drive seems like a big number. Hino Trucks' latest ads talk about "true grunt" and they only have 430. What's that? Oh, I'm only driving the V6 Volkswagen Touareg TDI... full article
THIS Volkswagen was something out of the box. There`s no doubt the new Touareg R5 TDI is a special vehicle, but this particular one came to us direct from its container. "We have not had time to ru... full article