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Honda Accord July 2008
IT’S not unusual in this game to be asked by friends, family and workmates which cars they should buy. You have to tread carefully because, as I have discovered, many people already know they want an... full article
Honda Accord Euro September 2005
THIS sounds like a wonderful script for the cult television series Mythbusters: Do red cars really go faster? We were presented with an exciting opportunity to test the popular theory via Honda`s la... full article
Honda Accord Euro November 2008
A COLLEAGUE of my wife gave a perfect summation of the new Honda Accord Euro when she climbed into our test car for a lift home the other night. A female teacher who had enjoyed a few drinks at a sch... full article
Honda City July 2009
THE City is Honda’s latest gift to urban dwellers. It is a roomy, highly-economical and thoroughly pleasant light sedan that is all most people need to get around. The City is based on Honda’s lit... full article
Honda Civic Hybrid January 2005
WHEN you hear the word "hybrid" you get a feeling that it might just be a window to the future. So when you start up Honda`s Civic Hybrid dual-fuel vehicle and it doesn`t really make any noise until... full article
Honda Civic Type R October 2009
THERE are cars that you buy with your head and cars you buy with your heart. The Honda Civic Type R is clearly the latter. It is a look-at-me racer that goes like the wind, handles like a dream and g... full article
Honda Civic Type-R August 2007
“IS that the Batmobile?’’ my three-year-old son blurted out when he saw the gleaming, black Honda Civic Type R in our driveway. Who could blame him for making the comparison: the sleek three-door hat... full article
Honda Civic VTi July 2006
JUST how do you pick a small car these days?. Everywhere you look there are quality offerings including Toyota`s ever-popular Corolla, the edgy Mazda 3, delightful Ford Focus, solid Nissan Tiida an... full article
Honda CR-V April 2007
THERE’S no hiding the fact that Honda’s popular CR-V Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) wagon is a city slicker. Sure, it comes with an improved Real Time four-wheel-drive system and can probably handle it... full article
Honda CR-V August 2010
WE’VE had a bunch of SUVs in our driveway over the past decade or so, but there’s one that rate’s highest on the wife-meter. It’s the Honda CR-V and the effect it has on women is astounding. The... full article
Honda Jazz December 2008
FOR a small car, the new Honda Jazz makes a big impression. This is the second generation of the Jazz, which has been a global success story for Honda since its debut in 2001. More than 2.5 million h... full article
Honda Odyssey August 2004
WOW. Who would have thought a people mover would be so great to drive. And wow, who would have thought I would ever write that. The guy who loves power and precision, stump-pulling torque and rock s... full article
Honda Odyssey August 2009
THIS can’t be a people mover - it handles more like a sports car. Honda has produced a family truckster that dads just love to drive - with or without the kids on board. The new and improved Odyssey... full article