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THIS supercool sportscar is the ultimate midlife-crisis-mobile. Anyone struggling with the angst associated with the halfway point of their mortal coil, should head straight out and get a Nissan 350... full article
DUAL cabs used to be an uncomfortable compromise. Just ask any apprentice tradesman or labourer forced to endure a token rear seat that would have been a tight squeeze for a battery hen. Then there... full article
Nissan Micra June 2008
AT FIRST glance, the little Nissan looked like it was going to be a tighter squeeze than a Jetstar flight. The light hatch’s name _ Micra _ also was cause for apprehension. Being a far from flexibl... full article
Nissan Murano August 2005
HOW the fallen have become mighty. From virtual extinction a decade ago, Nissan has climbed back to success in the mighty Aussie car market. It could be argued that much of this success comes from h... full article
Nissan Murano November 2005
ALL I want for Christmas is a new Nissan Murano. Not so much because it`s absolutely the best thing going around, but more because I like it enough to want it, but don`t want to pay for it. You see,... full article
Nissan Murano June 2009
THE Murano was quite a confronting vehicle when it arrived five years ago. The bold SUV came into a predominantly “softroader’’ market looking a hell of a lot more macho than its rivals. It was eith... full article
Nissan Navara February 2009
UTES carry plenty of compromise. A single cab gives you a longer load bed, but you can’t ferry workers, or pick up the kids from school when your wife gets stuck in traffic after going shopping at M... full article
HOW would you be trying to sell a beefy four-wheel-drive wagon at the moment? With fuel prices sky-high and sentiment surrounding the lumbering chariots rock bottom, it would be no mean feat. Addin... full article
A NISSAN Patrol winning gongs for economical motoring surely it cant be true! The 2.4-tonne four-wheel-drive wagon has always been famous for its toughness, power and durability. As far as being a... full article
Nissan Tiida January 2006
THE new Nissan Tiidas name looks like it contains a typo, but theres no mistaking that this is a small car of impressive quality. Aside from the stuttering i in its moniker, Nissan has crossed all ... full article
Nissan Tiida May 2006
NISSAN faced a tough job replacing one of its longest-running and most popular models, the Pulsar. Adding to the challenge was the fact the brand opted, amid considerable criticism, to go with a dif... full article
Nissan X-Trail February 2008
YOU need the keenest of eyes to see the changes to Nissan’s popular X-Trail SUV. To me, it looks almost identical to the outgoing model launched here six years ago. To the faithful, however, who hav... full article
Nissan X-Trail February 2009
IT’S a classic case of better late than never. The launch of Nissan’s new X-Trail in October, 2007, was followed by a wave of inquiries for a diesel option. After initially saying it could not make ... full article