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Hyundai Elantra September 2006
THE embattled family six-cylinder has another problem _ Hyundai's new Elantra. This is being touted as the Korean manufacturer's "big small car'' and it has the comfort, safety, and economy to lure ... full article
Hyundai Elantra FX June 2005
WHEN Hyundai first entered the Aussie market it had to find a way to compete. The quality of the Korean cars was quite ordinary, so price (also known as "value for money") had to be the motivating f... full article
Hyundai Getz 1.6 March 2006
HYUNDAI has made its award-winning small car, the Getz, an even safer bet. The funky hatch, which has sold more than half a million units worldwide since its launch almost four years ago, has benefi... full article
Hyundai Grandeur March 2006
MY old man occasionally makes mention of the old "Cats in the Cradle" song, originally penned by Harry Chapin. The lyrics make a strong connection with any father, who does his best working hard to ... full article
Hyundai Grandeur March 2009
“IS that a limousine dad?’’ my eight-year-old inquired about the sleek black road test sedan in our driveway. My bumbling response of “well yes, no, sort of’’ was right up there with my usual answers... full article
Hyundai i30 December 2007
IT HAS taken a while but Korean cars no longer have to rely solely on razor-sharp pricing to successfully compete with Japanese and European rivals. A stunning example of how far they have come is Hy... full article
Hyundai i30 January 2009
FEW cars make more sense than the Hyundai i30 diesel. The multi-award-winning hatch, which continues to change perceptions about Korean-built vehicles, is what we should all be driving. It’s a wonde... full article
Hyundai i30 December 2009
THE i30 is a real gem. Hyundai’s little champion looks great, drives beautifully and delivers excellent economy. But what if you want more room for back seat passengers or additional cargo space? En... full article
Hyundai i45 June 2010
THOSE with great passion for what they do are always captivating. Like MasterChef judge Matt Preston waxing lyrical about “putting your heart on the plate’’ and gushing how a pie with perfect pastry ... full article
Hyundai ix35 July 2010
THE Koreans have come up with a modern twist on the Sports Utility Vehicle. Inspired by the concept of an “urban nomad’’, it’s the ix35. This has been created by the world’s fastest-growing car comp... full article
Hyundai Santa Fe December 2007
HYUNDAI has given its Santa Fe a power boost, adding a larger V6 engine and even more appeal to the likable wagon. Following the success of the 2WD “City’’ version of its smaller Tucson, the Korean c... full article
Hyundai Santa Fe April 2009
IMPROVED safety, economy and looks have added to the appeal of Hyundai’s family SUV, the Santa Fe. The agreeable All-Wheel-Drive wagon comes with an array of additional features as its Korean maker l... full article
Hyundai Santa Fe March 2010
THE Hyundai Santa Fe weighs a few burgers under two tonnes. But the addition of a highly-efficient 2.2 litre turbo-diesel engine gives the beefy wagon surprising zip. This is the highlight of the me... full article
Hyundai Sonata June 2007
"I LOVE Hondas," the missus said as we took off for a weekend away. "That great dear," I replied. "But this is a Hyundai." Such is the appeal of the Sonata, which has recently received some upgrades... full article
Hyundai Sonata January 2009
THIS is a car that continues to fly under the radar. It’s the Hyundai Sonata, a well-made, mid-sized sedan that offers exceptional room, comfort and value-for-money. Despite considerable improvement... full article
Hyundai Sonata 2.4 Elite December 2004
HYUNDAI`S mid-sized sedan, the Sonata, is now much more than just a bargain buy. The previous model had price as its biggest plus, attracting buyers with an eye for value and a budget that didn`t qu... full article
OOPS I`ve forgotten to pre-heat the engine! Hopping into a diesel often brings this response from vague motoring writers who have not yet consumed their first double shot mug-a-latte for the morning.... full article
Hyundai Tiburon September 2004
HYUNDAI has taken a huge bite out of the price of its "shark``, the Tiburon, in a bid to spark renewed interest in the sporty coupe . Tiburon is Spanish for shark and the speedster`s designers have ... full article
Hyundai Tiburon April 2007
THE timing could not have been better for a whirl in Hyundai’s rejuvenated Tiburon sports car. It was just the tonic for this tester, who turned 40 shortly before climbing into the cockpit of the Kor... full article
Hyundai Tucson City March 2006
THE person who unveiled the Hyundai Tucson City concept must have had nerves of steel. At first consideration it probably would have sounded something like the pitch George from Seinfeld made to te... full article