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Kia Carnival August 2006
THE conversation went something like this.... Dave: Hey Glenn, what are those Kia Carnivals like? Glenn: Well they used to have a few quality dramas with the engines years ago .... Dave (before I'd... full article
Kia Cerato July 2005
IN October last year I wrote how far Kia had come in the Australian car market, but still had a way to go in terms of matching the quality of its competitors. That was a reaction to a week of drivin... full article
Kia Cerato October 2004
IT must be tough being a carmaker. Just when you think everything is going your way, the goalposts move. And so it seems with the latest offering, the Cerato. The four-door sedan with so much promi... full article
Kia Rio May 2006
WHY would you buy a used car when you can get a new one like this for $15,990 driveaway? This is the question more buyers are asking themselves after the release of the latest Kia Rio. The Korean ba... full article
Kia Rio April 2010
IT’S Kia’s budget baby - the Rio. We picked up the entry-level variant, which is aggressively priced at just $13,740. “I’ll bet that’s cheap and nasty,’’ said a colleague when I gave him the rundown... full article
Kia Sorento November 2009
EVERYONE loves an SUV, it seems. There are now 18 models to choose from in the mid-sized segment, which is becoming more competitive by the second with talk of two newcomers reaching our shores early... full article
Kia Sorento 4WD August 2004
VALUE-FOR-MONEY brand Kia has come up with a fair four-wheel-drive wagon in the muscular new Sorento. The stylish newcomer is on the bigger side of mid-sized and its best attributes are solid perfo... full article
Kia Sorrento February 2010
NOT long ago, it would have been hard to conceive that Kia could come up with an almost $50,000 SUV capable of stealing sales from its Japanese and European rivals. Value for money has always been th... full article
Kia Sportage August 2005
THE original Sportage played a key role in establishing value-for-money brand Kia around the world. The sturdy compact four wheel drive was introduced in 1993 and remains Kia`s global best-seller wi... full article
Kia Sportage August 2006
The Kia Sportage must make the gurus at Toyota cringe. Not only is the Sportage becoming a far more sophisticated package than it once was, Kia keeps throwing more value into it. The most recent addi... full article
Kia Sportage November 2007
I CLEARLY recall the first Kia Sportage brought to our shores in 1997. It was a pretty good all-round car, with two exceptions. The first was the badge. It came at a time when Korean cars didn't have... full article