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Suzuki Alto November 2009
MEET the car that eats hybrids for breakfast. The new Suzuki Alto, with its amazing fuel economy, is the vehicle we should all be driving if we are really serious about saving the planet. The manual... full article
Suzuki Grand Vitara October 2005
SUZUKI was producing clever little four-wheel-drives long before they became "compact SUVs``. Three decades ago, the term "soft-roader`` was nowhere to be read and those who bought the lightweight S... full article
Suzuki Grand Vitara August 2006
SUZUKI is enjoying a fresh wave of support for its flexible and fun Grand Vitara SUV. Sales of the compact all-rounder are soaring, with a number of adventure hounds opting for it over larger, thirst... full article
Suzuki Grand Vitara December 2008
THE Suzuki Grand Vitara has always stood out from the pack as one of the few compact SUVs that can actually handle the rough stuff. Those with adventure in their hearts, such as anglers, surfers, cam... full article
WE ALL know that most people who buy 4WDs never take them bush, or up the beach. The irony has not been lost on car brands with some now offering cheaper 2WD versions of their "off-roaders``. For ... full article
Suzuki Swift April 2005
ROOMY isn`t a word often associated with Suzuki cars. The Japanese brand, famous for its high performance motorcycles and light, versatile four-wheel-drives, has never been considered favourably by... full article
Suzuki Swift December 2006
GEE a lot of people wanted to know about the Suzuki Swift Sport. It seems its predecessor, the GTi, which was last seen in Australia circa 2004, had left some big shoes to fill. Everyone from the fru... full article
Suzuki Swift August 2009
IS it just me, or is every second car on the road a Suzuki Swift? All sorts of people fall in love with them. We know a student, two teachers, a shop-keeper, accountant, advertising rep, and builder’... full article
Suzuki Swift Sport September 2007
A NUMBER of automotive brands have pushed the benefits of electronic stability control systems but few have been prepared to offer them at no additional cost. Many sell them as part of safety - or pr... full article
Suzuki SX4 June 2007
SUZUKI is never short of clever ideas. The Japanese brand, which is really on a roll following the success of the super sporty Swift and versatile Grand Vitara 4WD wagon, has another sure-fire winner... full article
Suzuki SX4 May 2010
SUZUKI never fails to produce likable cars. They all seem stylish, clever and just so easy to live with. The compact and sporty Swift has plenty of fans and the versatile Grand Vitara SUV is a winne... full article
Suzuki Vitara April 2008
AT LAST we have a diesel version of the tough and talented Grand Vitara. Suzuki, which has a proud history of producing clever off-roaders, can now add “economical’’ to the compact four-wheel-drive w... full article