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Holden Astra September 2005
THE timing could not have been better for the expansion of Holden`s small car family. With all eyes on the bowser and bigger and thirstier chariots well and truly on the outer, downsizing is all th... full article
Holden Astra August 2006
YOU can't help but smile when you hop into a new Holden Astra diesel. That's because one of the first things you see is a distance-to-empty fuel range readout that shows 932km. Oh joy! If you drive ... full article
Holden Astra CDXi December 2004
SMALL cars are a much bigger deal these days. You can forget all about leg cramps, being blown all over the road on windy days and reaching for the gearstick and grabbing your front passenger`s knee... full article
Holden Astra CDXi March 2005
STRANGE things happen when you`ve been driving press cars for a decade ... you gain heightened senses peculiar to the cars your drive. One is that a scribe you can tell a brand of car by its interio... full article
Holden Barina February 2006
USED car salespeople are still groaning after the release of Holden`s new Barina. And they have good reason to be downhearted. How on earth can they be expected to sell pre-loved vehicles when consu... full article
Holden Berlina June 2009
THIS is a commuter’s dream - a car you can travel more than 1100km in before you have to think about refueling. It’s one of Holden’s “Dual-Fuel’’ offerings that come with two tanks - one for petrol a... full article
Holden Captiva December 2006
THE new Holden Captiva wagon is up and running at last. It may be spotting the competition _ some of whom have been on the market for years now _ a handy lead, but hey, it's better late than never. ... full article
Holden Captiva May 2007
HOLDEN has expanded its new Captiva SUV range by adding a responsive and economical turbo-powered variant. Captiva Diesel’s 2.0-litre common rail turbo diesel engine produces 110 kilowatts of peak p... full article
I SWEAR I was not driving erratically when the two-litre milk bottle exploded in the front of the Holden Commodore SV8. In fact, I had just pulled to a complete stop in my driveway as I heard the wh... full article
I RECALL vividly when Holden took the wraps off the VT Commodore, especially the SS. When I got home from the press launch I told a mate how good they looked and he bought one the next day. Then Ford... full article
A FREAK ice storm in autumn ... trees blowing over ... cars skating out of control ... this could not be happening! It was. Soon after collecting Holden`s Crewman Cross 8, it would be ploughing thr... full article
Holden Crewman SS February 2005
WORKHORSES have never offered this much play. The revised Holden Crewman SS, like its Holden Ute and One Tonner stablemates, has received a considerable boost aimed at appealing to the booming rank... full article
Holden Cruze October 2009
THE last time I was in a small diesel Holden, Wham’s Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go was on the radio and I was wearing green pants with flecks and a ridiculous black-and-white striped shirt with a chef-s... full article
Holden Epica August 2007
IT'S hard to make a call on the new Holden Epica. The only way I can sum it up is that it's definitely not something I'd buy, but plenty of others might. You see, people these days don't really seem ... full article
Holden Epica November 2008
TOUGH times require belt tightening. There are serious decisions to be made in many households. No more King Island double brie in the shopping basket, it’s cleanskins instead of wine from Margaret R... full article
IT`S the end of an era. Well, maybe that`s a bit melodramatic. But Holden`s withdrawal of the "new millennium" Monaro after five years is certainly a milestone that will be debated for years to come.... full article
THE latest Holden Monaro has been given a "more forceful launch``. We know this because: (A) it is mentioned in its maker`s list of impressive changes to the hero car; and (B) we spent Christmas bei... full article
Holden Sportwagon October 2008
YOU have to be bold to put words like Sport and Wagon together. Like Fun Run, Safe Bet, Working Holiday and Army Intelligence, they just don’t seem to gel. The humble station wagon traditionally has... full article
Holden SS Ute May 2009
HOLDEN’S burbling V8 range has been given a sensitive side. Don’t worry, we’re not talking swapping VB after knock-off on Fridays for jumbo mochalattes with cinnamon on top. Red-blooded male buyers ... full article
Holden Tigra November 2005
HOLDEN has copped a thumping for its decision to stop selling the Monaro, but there`s not a lot they can do. The spiralling cost of fuel means very few people will see fit to fork out for a V8, let ... full article
Holden Ute March 2008
YOU can drive sexy red Alfas, gleaming black BMWS, and even thumping silver Subaru WRXs all day long, but nothing turns heads in Australia like the new Holden Ute. When it is the SV6 version in brigh... full article
Holden Viva December 2005
SMALL car buyers with an eye for value will be coming down with some Viva fever. The stylish new Viva is the latest addition to the burgeoning Holden stable, boosted by products from GM`s Daewoo int... full article