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Mitsubishi Colt October 2004
THE original Mitsubishi Colt was a teenager`s dream: stylish, speedy and quirky. It ran on small change and even came with a bonus gear stick. The second shift, which allegedly had a power/economy f... full article
IN THE world of chocolates, the size of fun has been carefully weighed, calculated and debated by some very intelligent people, who clearly have the best job in the world. After much conjecture, the ... full article
THERE were murmurings in public relations, for the word has passed around, that the Colt from Mitsubishi had got a turbo. I've got to be honest. When I picked up the Colt Ralliart I wasn't expecting ... full article
Mitsubishi Grandis June 2005
I MUST be getting old. Or more mature. Wife reckons the former ... so it must be. The reason? I`m getting attached to people movers. It is starting to expose itself in other areas too. I went to the... full article
Mitsubishi Lancer December 2007
IT may slot into the small car class, but there’s nothing diminutive about the new Mitsubishi Lancer. The Japanese-built sedan is longer, wider and higher than the outgoing model and offers impressiv... full article
I RECKON two out of every three people that find out I write about cars ask me the same question: "What`s the best car you`ve ever driven?" I appreciate the interest but it`s wearing a bit thin afte... full article
BACK when I had much less responsibility (and some would say equally less sense) I drove Mitsubishi`s EVO VI. It has remained my all-time favourite bang-for-your-buck car bar none. Every cab driver ... full article
WHEN you approach life calmly, rationally and with forgiveness in your heart, more often than not things just seem to work out. The other day, I put this into play after being told a print journalist... full article
RIGHTO. Time for a few home truths. Blokes don`t buy Lancers. The marketing gurus from Mitsubishi will argue that males probably make up close to half the buyers, but I didn`t say "males"; I said "bl... full article
THOSE looking for a mid-sized AWD wagon are now faced with an even tougher job deciding what to buy. Mitsubishi have come up with a larger, more flexible and extremely well-priced offering in the new... full article
Mitsubishi Outlander XLS November 2004
THE Mitsubishi Outlander has been working out. Once lagging - power-wise - behind its main rivals in the compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) segment, Outlander must have been getting a little tired... full article
MITSUBISHI Motors has not had the best of runs lately. Globally and locally, it has been fighting hard to turn around consumer sentiment and boost sales. And for those willing to look beyond corp... full article
A HOST of carmakers are stuffing their large four-wheel-drives with luxury inclusions - perhaps a sign of the flattening of the rush on "Toorak Tractors" with high fuel prices starting to hurt the hi... full article
Mitsubishi Triton October 2005
A WHILE ago somebody coined the phrase SNAG - Sensitive New Age Guy - which meant all us blokes had to become in touch with our feminine side and so on. Let's be honest - it was probably a woman. A... full article
Mitsubishi Triton September 2006
OLD tradesmen don't quite know what to make of the new Mitsubishi Triton. Like the retired builder checking out our test GLS version at Bunnings, where we were picking up some sleepers for a new sand... full article